Tuning laikas: Mercedes-Benz G klasė 55 AMG 476 AG

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Copied below is the second <a href="http://rdfvial.com">reossnpe</a> to the article. Mesmorizing in it's ignorance, it speaks volumes about the "real America", the value of, 'preaching to the converted' and the willingness of thoughtless sheep to put all trust in a small group of pathological, lying monsters.Perhaps the day will come when sole discretion over foreign relations is removed from Presidents.2.May 20th,20081:09 am I have little sympathy for the people you devoted a massive amount of copy and photos towards. America walked into a den of people far below rats, snakes and even cancer people who not only place no value on the lives of others women, children, the elderly, people standing on lines for jobs, people at prayer in mosques, the people who financed the suicide bombers from Gaza and the West Bank with $25,000 stipends to the families of the terror bombers; the people who kidnapped young girls off the streets of Baghdad and raped them.Instead of focusing on the negative, we should be focusing on making things better and figuring out we can leave this cesspool as soon as possible without turning Iraq into a supercenter of terror and the killing fields of a genocide between Sunnis and Shiites.I am far more concerned about mushroom clouds over US cities by way of Iran or its terror surrogates than how a few terror suspects were humiliated, caused pain and suffering by some overzealous people trying to stop the next suicide bombing or murder of our people by these monsters. Posted by AmericaFirst

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